• Am I qualified to apply for this position?

  • What quality of life am I to expect?

  • Would I be able to save money?

  • How much holiday would I get?

  • What’s the Insurance cover?

Am I qualified for this position?

We prefer teachers to have some experience, although this isn’t essential as we offer a full personalised TEFL training course and very good teacher support and development. You do not need to be able to speak Indonesian as all our courses are full English immersion, including beginner courses. Due to strict Indonesian immigration rules we are only able to accept candidates that have a degree in an English, linguistics or education related field.


What quality of life am I to expect?

Teachers have a good quality of life in Indonesia. The teaching salary is the equivalent to a middle-manager in a bank or office and allows for a comfortable lifestyle and extensive travelling opportunities. If you are staying in EF subsidised housing, we estimate around 25-30% of your salary will be required for accommodation, food, transport and toiletries. 

Teachers usually travel to work by taxi or motorbike and easily have enough money for frequent weekend breaks and/or an active social life. Eating in 4 or 5 star restaurants is affordable and many teachers are members of the pool & gym at a 4 star hotel.


Would I be able to save money?

Although teachers have a very comfortable lifestyle in Indonesia, the Indonesian rupiah does not have much value once converted to dollars or pound sterling. EF does not recommend coming to Indonesia, if you have large debts in non-Rupiah currencies.

It is possible to open a Dollar bank account here or transfer money to an account in another country. It is easy to exchange money into other currencies at most local banks or money changer. Click here for more information on banks, saving and transferring money.


How much holiday do I get?

Teachers will have one week off during Christmas and one week off during at the end of Ramadan. In addition, teachers have 15 days personal holiday allowance per year. The school also closed for public holidays which total around 8 days each year. All these holidays are fully paid.


What’s the insurance cover?

EF provides two kinds of health insurance. For inpatient care you will be covered under a health insurance scheme. For outpatient care the costs are reimbursed by EF  at 80%. The salary will be paid for up to a month’s hospitalization for serious illness. EF does not offer any insurance for personal belongings even those inside an EF house.