Lindy Fitzgerald


School Director,
Corporate LanguageTraining
EF English First Brisbane.


My name is Lindy Fitzgerald and I am currently the DoS of EF ILS Brisbane, Australia. I am no longer in Surabaya, but I have the best memories of my time from the Jalan Kayun School.

I was lucky in that I arrived in Surabaya independently and had time to look at different schools before starting to teach.  I chose EF after visiting different places because it was the most professional of the schools; it was well-organised and very friendly. I had three wonderful years teaching there, meeting interesting colleagues from around the world, and of course the friendliest students you could hope for.

EF Surabaya is a great place for new teachers (with a sense of adventure) and also more experienced teachers looking for a different challenge. Yes, the shopping is fantastic, but you also need to be happy at work! Teacher support given at the school, good materials and the structured approach to teaching English make EF a great place to teach. There are a range of programmes such as teaching Young Learners, or Business English if you wish to diversify your skills over time.

I enjoyed my years with EF Surabaya so much that it was the main reason for staying with the company after I left Indonesia. At our school in Brisbane we have several teachers who have also been in other EF locations, including some from Indonesia and China. Getting experience in one EF school can be more than a cultural experience for a few years. It can lead to a career path if you approach the work with enthusiasm and professionalism.