Emma Davidson

I’m Emma, one of the British teachers from EF Malang where I’ve been based for almost five years now. After having taught in Korea and Thailand, I chose to return to Indonesia where I’d traveled previously and held fond memories.

The EF schools here in East Java are modern, with each classroom having access to an interactive whiteboard which the students love and really helps them to become more involved in their lessons. EF produce their own coursebooks with age appropriate materials from Kindergarten to adult classes and user friendly lesson plans accompany them. EF is focused on ‘learning through doing’.  This approach allows students to acquire new language in a manner that makes them forget they are in class and have fun while studying.

The city of Malang is a small botanical city surrounded by spectacular mountain views. From here there are many activities to participate in at the weekends and are accessible via public transport.  Active types can try hang gliding, mountain biking and sunrise views of Mount Bromo, a volcano just an hour away.  Animal lovers can snuggle up to the orangutans at Taman safari park or head to one of the many beautiful beaches for some snorkeling. There is a great variety of food to try here in ‘warungs’, from food carts, or in more upmarket restaurants. Nasi Padang is a particular favourite for me.  This is a tapas style array of meats and vegetables for those who love a bit of spice!

The recruitment process here is efficient and hassle free and you could find yourself in the classroom within a month of applying!


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