Craig & Cecelia Lawson


This story comes from our teachers, Craig and Cecelia Lawson. They work for our Corporate Language Training Department. They’ve been here for more than 3 years and here is the story ….

We came to Indonesia for the first time, just over three years ago, and are now into our 4th contract with EF Surabaya.  From day one, we have been dealt with in a professional, friendly and supportive manner.  The EF centres are busy, lively and friendly environments, with many students being long term learners with EF.

Indonesians like to have fun in class, are very polite and a pleasure to teach.  We both do most of our teaching outside the EF centres, in companies and schools, and all of our postings are well organised and fully supported by EF Staff.

Surabaya is a big, bustling Asian city, with not much space for walking.  Most people do their walking while they socialise in the many Malls.  The local muncipality works hard to keep the streets clean and there is ongoing planting of trees and gardens along many of the routes. We get around the city on scooters, which initially seemed a daunting prospect, but we quickly got used to the traffic and now we wouldn’t be without them.

We did a Scuba diving course in our first holiday break.  So almost every holiday we go diving and snorkelling. Indonesia is a world-class diving destination with warm temperatures, clear turquoise seas and fantastic, abundant marine life.  Our favourite holiday destination is the Gili Islands, off Lombok – a laidback, gentle destination with no motorised vehicles, walk-in snorkelling, top diving, and it’s only a short flight away.

Land travel can be challenging because of the density of traffic, especially on Java, but there are efficient trains, various shared vehicle hire options and buses.  For getting to the other islands there are many affordable flights.

In our case, EF Surabaya has always fulfilled all its contractual committments with regard to regular payment of salaries, arrangement of work permits, flights, end of contract bonuses, EF housing, induction etc.  Medical Insurance is provided but is fairly basic.

In conclusion, we’ve had some fantastic experiences in Indonesia, no regrets about coming to Surabaya and still have lots to see and do.


Craig & Cecelia Lawson