Alex Leckie

I had never heard of Surabaya until I saw jobs with EF advertised here and  I was intrigued by what life could be like in Java.  Five and a half years later I am still finding out what life in Java is all about.

As a DoS (Director of Studies),  my job is hectic and rewarding. Most days are pretty full on, never boring and always noisy when the students start arriving for their lessons.

Surabaya has changed a lot in the time I’ve lived here – more shops, restaurants & entertainment, which I love.  I have been to Jakarta a few times for work and holidays.  As much as I enjoy myself there I am always happy to come back ‘home’ to Surabaya after a couple of days.

I think I’ve tried most of the food on offer and Padang is an absolute favorite of mine – I could eat it 3 times a day, every day.

At the weekends I’m mostly to be found wall climbing at Class 5 and I enjoy exploring east Java – I especially like the south coast.  And of course I never turn down an opportunity for a weekend of shopping, eating and relaxing in the sun in Bali.

I haven’t been to nearly as many places outside of Java as I should have in the time I’ve been here.  I think I’ve been to 16 islands – so I’ve got a few thousand left to visit.  More than anything I really want to eat padang food in Padang, Sumatera.

Other than all the wonderful places I’ve visited, making great friends and working with a great team is what’s kept me here for this long.

For me, the recruitment process was very straight forward and hassle free.

PTC Dinner

During Office Dinner


jalan jalan in Bali with EF teachers

Sightseeing in Bali


climbingClimbing on  the weekend