Malang is one of East Java’s most pleasant and attractive provincial towns. It is located in the mountains, about two hours from Surabaya. Malang began to grow and to develop from the time the Dutch Colonial Government came to Indonesia. During the Dutch colonial period, it was a popular destination for European residents. People in East Java sometimes call it “the Paris of East Java.”The city has well planned parks, a huge central market, big villas, abundant trees and old Dutch architecture. The city has a population of around 1.5 million.

Malang has the casual air of a country town and is well located for visits to Bali and the south coast of Java. The surrounding countryside is dotted with well preserved temples and the splendour of the Semeru Bromo Tengger National Park. Malang is also known as an educational centre, as many good universities and schools are located here.  Many parents around Indonesia send their children to be educated in Malang.


The School

EF Malang opened in September 1999, and currently has over one thousand students. EF Malang has become the most prominent English teaching institution in the city, and is regarded by many as offering the best English courses. The number of students continues to grow significantly year by year.

EF Malang is located in the center of the city and is very easy to reach. Students come to the school from several  neighbouring towns as well as from Malang itself.

The very pleasant working environment at the school enables people in the different departments (teachers, staff, and the management) and students to communicate with each other warmly. As a result, most of the foreign teachers stay for more than one year contract period.