Course at EF English First


Our General English curriculum presently consists of 17 levels. We provide students with a solid base in the structure of the English language as well as a genuine opportunity to practice speaking. This involves extensive use of communicative methodology to reinforce and complement various grammatical/structural points throughout the syllabus.

The minimum age for study in the general program is twelve and the majority of the students attend private secondary schools or universities. They come to us looking for a supplement to their more formal grammar/translation classes and we endeavour to provide an active, communicative and friendly student based learning environment.

A large portion of the programs offered are for “young learners” (for students from six to twelve years of age). This program has its own curriculum and texts. Teachers who have been with us for a few months are often asked to teach these classes. Teachers who prefer teaching adults are often asked to teach other specialized programs such as Conversation Club, Business English and TOEFL.

In any given level, 3 or 4 periods of 40 minutes are devoted to computer work for which we have state of the art techology. A large part of orientation week is taken up introducing teachers to multi-media EFL teaching.

Our general English classes use our own English@EF textbook as the base curriculum and other ELT resources to supplement. The English First course starts at absolute beginner and goes to advanced, divided into twelve levels. We also offer six “Post Advanced” levels to encourage our students to continue practicing their English. Lessons are centered on the communicative method and focus is placed on establishing interactive competence in learners as quickly as possible.