Kids Course

EF English First recognizes the importance of beginning language classes as early as possible since young learners often assimilate some elements of vocabulary and pronunciation almost as easily as they do in their first language. All of our schools have specially designed programs for all age groups with lessons which are fun and provide a solid base in English which can be built upon through the later teen and adult professional years.

The teachers chosen to conduct these classes are especially prepared to meet the needs of young people in the design of the lessons and the activities which accompany them. Extensive use of games, videos and computers are included in the curriculum taking advantage of the many excellent materials now being produced in England and the United States specifically for children. The students are carefully placed in groups according to age and language ability to provide the maximum level of confidence in young learners.

We have 3 Young Learners Programs:

1. Small Stars for students age 4-5 years old
2. High Flyers for students in grade 1-4 at Elementary School
3. New Trailblazers for students in grade 5 at Elementary School up to 2nd Grade of Junior High School.