Corporate Language Training

Our Corporate clients: General Motors, Hitachi, IBM, Kenwood, Premier Oil, Swiss Air, Standard Chartered Bank, Shell Oil, Toshiba , Volvo, Adidas, Akzo Nobel, Coca Cola, Ferragamo, Ferrari

We have exciting opportunities in our Corporate Language Training (CLT) Department for teachers of English as a second language to professionals and young learners in Surabaya. The programmes for professionals are designed primarily for groups of adult students who wish to improve their English for career purposes, and we occasionally run one-on-one classes too.

Teachers will work with professionals from a wide range of different fields and backgrounds, many of whom are studying English for specific purposes. In recent years our major clients have included some of the best known companies in Surabaya in industry, finance and services, as well as universities, colleges and government departments.

These groups meet on their company premises or in one of the EF schools, so teachers will need to travel to different locations in the city. For off-site classes, the teacher’s transport costs will be reimbursed unless transport is provided by the client. The CLT Department’s programmes for young learners generally meet in private and public elementary and high schools. We also run a small number of courses in private kindergartens. The lessons taught by EF teachers include extra-curricular lessons that students opt to join, and an increasing number of intra-curricular lessons which form part of the school’s regular English language programme.

In the young learners’ programme, teachers work with a range of age groups and English levels, with class sizes of up to twenty students. Teachers liaise regularly with the regular teachers in the school, and also need to keep up with the required administrative duties and record-keeping.

The CLT Department offers morning and afternoon classes in both the professional and young learners’ programmes, and some evening classes for professionals. The CLT Department offers great opportunities for teachers who wish to broaden their experience teaching both professionals and young learners, who have a strong interest in professional development, and who can be flexible in the scheduling and location of their classes.┬áThe CLT Department is located at our Jemursari school, where resources for CLT teachers are available and the academic and administrative support staff are based.