The base salary is in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) and after successfully completing a one year contract the teacher is awarded a one month bonus. The cost of the return flight to the point of origin is also covered by EF.

Housing is shared with two or three other teachers in an EF rented, furnished house. Those who wish to make their own housing arrangements will receive an additional monthly housing allowance. The salary permits a comfortable lifestyle including the cost of vacation travel within Indonesia.

Medical Expenses
EF offers a two tiered Health package to teachers on a full time contract. In the case of hospitalization teachers are covered by health Insurance. As with any health insurance provision there are limits, but we feel that the insurance will be adequate for nearly all cases in which in-patient treatment is required.

EF also offers limited payment of out-patient medical expenses, although there are limits on the type of out-patient expenses that can be refunded under this scheme. We are happy to address specific questions relating to health insurance during the application process.

Teachers’ Load
Teachers normally carry a maximum load of 18 classes per week but may be asked to teach additional classes when the need for substitution arises{at overtime rates}. There is occasional Saturday duty as well. The classes last an hour and twenty minutes and are offered from 7:30 in the morning until 9:00 in the evening. The contract includes fifteen working days of vacation per year in addition to a week at Christmas and a week at the end of the Muslim Ramadhan period during which times the schools are closed.