In the classroom

Teachers teach 17/18 classes per week, which is seven different groups of a maximum of 14 students, meeting two or three times a week. The classes last an hour and twenty minutes and students are expected to be speaking English for the vast majority of their class time. Although classes are offered from 7:30 in the morning until 9:00 in the evening, teachers are not asked to teach a split shift and the norm is to teach late afternoon/evening classes.

Out of the classroom

Aside from the classroom time, teachers are expected to spend adequate time planning their lessons –

researching and/or creating suitable supplementary materials. These lesson plans are to be written up in case of sickness, etc. Other duties include grading student’s tests and assessing student’s spoken and written English.


During orientation week, amongst other things, new teachers observe classes and are given a Teacher’s Manual. Teachers are expected to supplement their classes with suitable communicative activities (similar to what they would have seen during their peer observation). Teachers are also expected to adhere to the guidelines laid down in the Teacher’s Manual.

Placement Tests

Once teachers have become accustomed to the different courses available they are trained for Placement Testing of prospective students. Teachers conduct a short oral interview with guidelines indicating the prospective student’s level from their written test score.

Saturday Duties

EF occasionally organizes group activities for students which take place on a Saturday. Teachers are occasionally asked to supervise these activities which last for about 2 hours.